“Classic” 5/6 string Cello Banjo Kit


Everything you need to make your own “cello” or octave banjo. This is a very versatile instrument, with several tuning possibilities and variations.

*You can see the only difference between the five/six string model is the placement of the extra tuning peg in the center of the headstock, and of course, the nut, bridge and string-set provided will match the number of tuning pegs. The neck widths are identical.
This instrument can be tuned a full octave below standard G using a standard set of classical guitar strings. This string set allows you to choose from a wide range of tunings.

This kit is made from solid American Walnut and a handmade steam-bent maple 12” rim. It easily assembles into a piece of handmade art that looks as good as it sounds. Put it together right out of the box in an afternoon or make it a weekend project by sanding and adding a varnish.

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  •  Five-string or six-string neck
  • Walnut neck and dowel
  • 24.8″ scale length
  • nylon strings
  • maple friction pegs
  • frailing scoop
  • 17 frets or fretless
  • Zero-fret nut
  • antiqued brass tacks
  • 12″ single-ply solid maple rim
  • goatskin head
  • leather tailpiece
  • all hardware included

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 6 in

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