Peghead Scroll


The finishing touch. Add this hand-turned scroll to your kit.

Made of solid walnut, this piece is to be glued to the headstock. Each scroll is turned by hand and will vary in grain, coloration etc.

Be sure to select the correct peghead type.

Type 1: for “classic” minstrel kits only.

Type 2: for any minstrel neck option on the  10” diy banjo kits, 12” diy banjo kits, full size mountain banjo kits and full size gourd banjo kits.

Type 3: for any minstrel neck option on the mini mountain banjo kits, short scale gourd banjo kits, short scale banjo kits and travel banjo kits.

Type 4: for the jubilee neck option on the 12” diy banjo kits and the 10” diy banjo kits.



Watch how each scroll is made: