About Us

Brian Carver is the founder and folk artist behind Carver Banjos.  Brian has been building banjos since 2003. He began developing and producing simple minimalist DIY banjo kits in 2014 with just a few basic tools and a question: “How can I boil a banjo down to its most basic spirit? How many things can I take away from a banjo before it stops being a banjo?”. Over the years, the banjo kits have changed and evolved into very functional and playable pieces of art without losing their original and uncomplicated charm. Today, thousands of people across the world enjoy a Carver Banjo instrument or kit.

You can read more about Carver Banjos’ beginnings in this article featured on The Washington Times website.

Banjo Carver is shop dog and head of quality control at Carver Banjos. She enjoys a good scratch behind the ear while listening to a soft banjo tune. She is often found sleeping on the job but always gets away with it.