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    Carver Banjos

    Hey everyone,
    I’m giving away a 12” rim diy banjo kit. Here’s how to win:
    Create a user account for the forums.
    Post in this thread before August 21, 2023. Say hi and why you enjoy the banjo. Tell me how you got into the banjo, what has inspired you. Just a few sentences is fine.
    Post in this thread before August 21 and your username will go into a hat. I will randomly draw a winner by the end of the day. I will post the winner’s username here and how you can contact me with your shipping info. I will cover all shipping expenses. Pick any of the options for the 12” bent rim kit. Check out the kit here:
    The goal of this giveaway is to hopefully get more active users on this forum and build a little community here. I’ll post an example submission below. You can post as much as you want but only one post is required to enter this drawing. Thanks!

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    Carver Banjos

    (Example submission)
    I first noticed the banjo when I was a kid, watching reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies. I was drawn to the sound. From there, I started listening to a lot of Earl Scruggs. I got my first banjo when I was about 16 and I tried learning the 3 finger Scruggs picking style. I had a lot of trouble getting the hang of this. Once I discovered Pete Seeger’s music I realized there are other ways to play and I took to the clawhammer playing style. Almost 20 years later and I’ve turned banjos into a complete way of life, but I still can’t pick a decent 3 finger (Scruggs) roll lol.

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    Delores Isaacs


    Jake Stokrp

    My grandmother that’s from Serbia (my baba) used to play an instrument when she was in church called the Tamburica. She was the only one in our family to play an instrument. I knew she would really like to hear someone else in the family play something so I chose the banjo. I love America and I love its vast history and being Serbian-American I wanted an instrument that would represent my American side. Once I picked up the banjo I fell in love with it. I love the sound, the fast pace music you can play, and I also love the storytelling that the songs give off. I play clawhammer and two finger and I love to play songs like Pretty Polly and my favorite, Wild Bill Jones.


    I am a big fan of all sorts of stringed musical instruments. When it come to the banjo, I play a little and have repaired a few banjos and banjo ukuleles. My next banjo project will be 5 string soprano banjo ukulele with a tunneled 5th string.

    Carver Banjos

    Thanks for the entries so far!
    I am seeing a lot of sign ups but only a few posts. Running this forum is a learning experience for me. I’m thinking confirmation emails might be sent on a delay to new accounts. So if you haven’t been able to login or post yet, let’s give it 24 hours and see if those confirmation emails come through.
    I will be working on this and if the issue persists I will extend the deadline or find a new way to do the giveaway. Thanks everyone!


    Have experience putting guitar kits together and play quite a bit would love to build and learn how to play the ol’ 5 string. Love what your doin man. Keeping the history of banjo alive


    Building my first carver kit changed everything for me. I had a banjo I bought at guitar center and I was trying to learn, but I really had to force myself to practice. Once I built my mountain banjo I had to force myself to put it down. Now my americana is my main banjo and people ask me about it all the time. Hopefully at least some of them have come to the site and bought one for themselves. Thanks for bringing attention to these forums.


    Been playing two finger thumb lead banjo for last couple years, arthritis put an end to being able to make guitar chords.


    I currently play on a cheap 6 string banjo with the frets ripped out. It’s very heavy and hard for me to play. I would love a high quality instrument that won’t kill my shoulders.


    This is such a fun idea! Well, I first picked up a banjo around 15 years ago and played it on and off and enjoyed it, but got busy, left it at my folks’ house, went to grad school, moved a few times, and it just kinda fell to the wayside. During the pandemic, I really got to focus on actually practicing instruments and was deep into practicing piano and guitar in a way I had never been able to before. Once I got reunited with the banjo, that was that. love playing in different styles, but clawhammer has been the one that stuck for me and I’m enjoying every minute of it.


    Would love to win hopefully for a nice anniversary gift for my husband. He just started learning how to play the banjo. He enjoys building guitars and playing for our children.



    I got into the banjo after listening to a lot of acoustic/folk music on Spotify and started asking myself ‘what is that cool twangy instrument that keeps cutting through?’.

    Then the pandemic hit and I decided it was a great time to start learning to play! I’ve been having fun ever since – practicing and discovering more about the banjo and the historic fiddle tunes that underpin a lot of the music I play today.


    Hello everyone, I have 2 Carver banjos, they’re great!


    Hey I play fretless and fretted banjo as well as Irish banjo a friend of mine has one of your kit banjos and when they allowed me to play it and get my thoughts on it I got to say not only are your kits well made but they give that true old time raw tone sound and feel that most modern ones have lost sadly so whether I win or not they will not regret getin your kit thanks again

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