Reply To: Free Banjo Kit Giveaway


I have been playing guitar for 10 years and have more guitars than I should in my collection. A few years ago, my wife found a video on youtube of Rhiannon Giddens playing a banjo while sitting under a tree. I was so impressed with her playing. She got me started looking at banjos and inspired me to play one. My previous banjo listening experience was Hee-Haw, The Beverly Hillbillies and that infamous movie that made Duelling Banjos so popular. My wife said ‘you don’t have a banjo.’ So over time I bought a Deering Goodtime 2, then a mountain banjo kit from Then a Deering Sierra. Then a Gold Tone CC-100R. Winter is coming and I am seriously looking at a Carver kit to keep me busy. Perhaps I will get lucky and win the 12″ one? Please?