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Hi Brian & hello new forum friends! As I approach my 3 yr “banjo-versary” next month I would love to win a bent rim kit! I started my banjo journey not knowing I needed a banjo. After buying my daughter a ukulele, I began strumming and fingerpicking on it myself and played for about a year, but not really finding my groove.  I was introduced to clawhammer style ukulele after seeing an Aaron Keim video on YT and was hooked, and took very quickly to the style, but the 4 string ukulele sound was missing something… a 5th string.  So i got brave and took the plunge and bought a Deering steel string.  But I still wasn’t finding the exact sound I was looking for.  That’s when I found  Brian’s kits have been a true blessing in my banjo playing. My first kit was his travel banjo kit, I needed something to play when I flew to St. Croix and it packed into my carry on with an easy break down and assembly.  I love it!  Next was his Mountain Banjo. Fantastic sound and playability! I play it every day.  I also added the gourd banjo kit to my collection, and boy is that a beauty!  So you can see why I need the bent rim to add to my collection now.  And I have to say how great the quality and customer service are with Carver Banjos.  Brian really shows how much he cares about what he is doing.  Lastly I will say my inspirations have been Adam Hurt and Steve Martin, along with the teachings of Brad Kolodner, Tom Collins, Josh Turknett, and again Adam Hurt.  All online instruction for free or a very low cost.

Holly Jackson
Check out my youtube channel to see my journey!

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