Reply To: Free Banjo Kit Giveaway


Hey everyone!

I got into the banjo one day while skipping school at a music store. I went in to try some bass guitars and walked out with a gold tone bluegrass banjo while knowing nothing about it.
When I got home I started doing my research and became completely captivated by the history and simple complexity of the instrument. From there forward I used to dream of finding an affordable fretless banjo and one day I stumbled upon carver banjos!
After saving some cash, I managed to buy a minstrel banjo kit in the early days of the vivid 19 lockdown and the moment the kit arrived my excitement was thru the roof.
I spent the next couple of days patiently building. I enjoyed the process so much.
Then when I was done I had this incredible instrument that totally overtook my life.
The following summer I went to play it only to find that the humidity and drastic temperature changes north of the mason dixon line (I’m in Ontario Canada) caused the skin to tear.
Following that I was playing it with a tape holding it together until the tear became too large.
I’m going to replace the skin soon. It’s my favourite possession and something I can look at and say “I put that together!”
To this day I still rave to my friends about the process and urge them to try carver banjos too!

Brian is awesome and was so helpful every step of the way!

I find my inspiration in old time banjo music. I love the Melodies and warmth of nylgut strings. Anytime I can find a way to use a banjo on a recording I do. (I’m a music producer).
Building that kit changed my musical life and direction.
Here’s hoping for the chance to do it again!