Reply To: Free Banjo Kit Giveaway


Hi there, I am super new to banjo but first fell in love with the sound hearing a friend of mine play one when we were in primary school here in Australia, and have since spent the last three decades enjoying American music: bluegrass and blues. Recently I lucked out and found a very cheap (but Chinese-made) banjo at a thrift store and I’ve been trying to teach myself how to play from YouTube – so much fun!

I googled DIY banjo kits a few minutes ago, as I’m a wood burner and I wanted to find a quality, unfinished kit that I might be able to customise and as further luck would have it, I found this community and giveaway. It’s great to meet you all! I’m excited to have a look through these forums, check out some awesome builds, and hear some building/playing tips. Good luck to everyone in here! 🙂