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Carver Banjos

Hello to anyone reading this out there. I’ve been wanting to add a forum to this site for a long time. There are now thousands of carver kit owners out there and over the years many have sent me photos and video links of their builds. I think it’d be cool to get people discussing their builds here. I am admittedly bad at answering all emails, so I figure it’ll be a lot easier to stay in touch with people here. I want kit owners to be able to help other kit owners with any questions. Once you put one of these banjos together you will likely have some tips to help out the next person.
I know there are other banjo forums out there, I don’t want to take anyone away from them. My main goal for this forum is to build a community based around the DIY banjo kits offered here on this site and my personal goal is to get to know my customers on a more personal level. Thanks for checking out the site! Anyone is welcome to join the forum, its free to join.
If this forum doesn’t really take off, as its just an experiment, I’ll use it to post updates on new kits and to give the backstories on how they came to be.
-Brian Carver