Reply To: Completed kit builds


Took a while to get to it but I got it done! Loving it so far. And going fretless wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. I highly recommend adding fret markers where the 2nd and third frets would be if you’re going fretless. I think it helps a lot.

The good: Plays and sounds great. Looks good although I wish I would’ve stained the rim. Very lightweight.

The not so good: The dowel hole was drilled a bit crooked so it’s not centered on the tailpiece. The tacks supplied were a bit too long. About 75% of them came through the other side of the rim. Too Lightweight? I know I put this in “The good” but I also wish it was heavier sometimes just so it would stay put while playing.

Things I wish were different: I wish the neck was thicker and rounded more. I’m sure that would up the price quite a bit though. Also I wish the scoop was about an inch longer. It would be nice to have a little more playing room there.

Cheers all, Thomas

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