Reply To: Putting on the Hide Head

Carver Banjos

Hey Kclason, I think you have the mountain banjo kit?
First make sure to watch my assembly video here:
The first 4 tacks are the most important. Put them in then pop in the tone ring and close the top and bottom plates together to check the tension on the skin.
Remove the tacks and try again if the skin os so tight you can’t get the top and plates to squeeze together.
Once you have a good tension, fill in with the rest of the tacks. Pull the skin evenly and space the tacks about and inch apart. If you are seeing wrinkles, it’s not tight enough.
Be sure to use glue on the inner lip to insure the skin won’t pull through the tacks when it’s done.
Take your time and make sure to get a good tension right off the bat. The skin will be pliable for a long time so no need to rush the process. I believe I sent an extra skin along, so I’m sure you’ll get it.
If you need more help, post pictures. As many pics as possible to show where you are having the issues.