Q: The “additional information” tab lists the weight of a kit at 12 pounds, does the kit really weigh this much?

A: Most of my banjo kits weigh about 4 to 5 pounds or less. In order to calculate shipping costs correctly through this website, I had to use a higher weight. I do not do this to deceive my customers -this 12 pounds is actually the “dimensional weight” which is calculated by USPS. Dimensional weight is based upon the size of the package and from what I understand it puts parcels into groups by size and not weight at all. This is a complicated way of saying that I had to use a dimensional weight rather than the actual weight for the shipping calculator to work properly. I do not make any profits off of the shipping costs.

Q: Do you offer refunds or accept returns?

A: Banjo kits: Due to the nature of these kits, I do not accept returns. Research carefully before you purchase. If you have any problems with your kit when you get it, let me know and I will work with you to find a solution.

Complete Banjos: All sales are final. I try to represent my banjos as accurately as possible with the listing information and pictures. If you have any doubts, concerns or questions please contact me before purchasing. I do not accept returns once the banjo has been shipped to you.

Q: I just want to buy a rim, how much?

A: I do not sell individual parts (necks, rims, pegs, gourds etc.) from these kits. Please consider buying the entire kit if you like my work. There is a lot of value in these kits and you will have all of the parts needed for a playing banjo. A lot of my parts are non-standard in size so it might not be so simple to use them with something you already have.  
**I know attaching the skin can be the hardest part, and I will gladly sell you an extra skin at a reasonable price. If you need one- send me an email. 

Q: I received the wrong kit, how do I get the correct one?

A: first, please send me a picture of the kit you received and tell me which kit you expect. If the mistake was my fault I’ll cover all expenses to exchange the kit. If the mistake is on your end, I’ll still be glad to exchange, but you must cover all shipping expenses.

Q: What custom options are available?

A: For any kit that is shown as fretted- I can send a fretless neck if you prefer. I can also make any kit left-handed upon request at no extra charge.

As far as custom banjos, different styles etc. I do not offer these options. I am able to sell these kits for so little because I have developed unique jigs, fixtures, templates and processes for each kit. To change one small thing on a kit can take a large amount of time, so I stay away from this.

Q: I have a few questions about your banjos, is there a number I can call to chat?
A: I do not have a public telephone number, but I’m glad to answer any questions via email: carverbanjos@gmail.com. I work hard to put as much information as I can out about my banjos- watch my detailed assembly videos and read the descriptions on each banjo page. Please do not track down my phone number: thank you for respecting my privacy.

Q: Why is my banjo in pieces? What did I get myself into?
A: You have purchased the best banjo kit available. I have personally
developed and tested these designs for over 15 years. My detailed
assembly instructions and step-by-step videos will make this project
easy and fun. I have thousands of satisfied customers across the world.

Q: I ordered my kit 2 days ago, where is it?
A: Please be patient and allow up to one month to receive your kit. 
This is a one-man gig and although these kits are relatively simple, a lot of hours go into each one. I build over 300 banjo kits every year. My instruments are completely handmade and start out as raw lumber. I process, cut, steam-bend, finish, package and ship all instruments by myself; I have no employees or helpers.  I try to get every kit shipped out as soon as possible, but during busy times, especially during December, it can take longer.

Q: Why are there dark spots or burn marks on some parts of the neck?
A: These spots occur during the cutting process. Each piece is carved
with a rotating cutting tool. This tool will leave marks due to friction, generally in areas with a tight radius, like where the headstock meets the back of the neck. These marks are only superficial and are easily removed during your finishing process with a piece of
sandpaper or a hand-file.

Q: My banjo doesn’t play in tune; will you give me a refund?
A: It will play in tune if assembled according to the provided directions.  All kits are made from a tested and proven pattern. Please let me know if you have a damaged kit before you put it together and I will help you out.

Q: I did not follow directions or take my time assembling my kit and I
ruined it. Will you give me a free replacement?
A: No, but let me know your issues and I may be able to help you fix it.

Q: Do you have any other instruments for sale?
A: Everything that I have available for sale can be found on this website. I am not currently taking custom orders besides what is posted on this site.

Q: Can I visit your shop?
A: At some point in the future I would like to have my shop open to the public. For a variety of reasons, I prefer to not have visitors at this time. This has a lot to do with safety, insurance liabilities and lease agreements.