Frequently Asked Questions

I do not ship outside of the US. Absolutely no exceptions.

Q: Do you offer refunds or accept returns?

A: No. Due to the nature of these kits, I do not accept returns. Research carefully before you purchase.

Q: Do you make left-handed necks?

A: Yes, I can make a lefty neck for any kit at no extra charge, just specify in the comments upon ordering.

Q: Why is my banjo in pieces? What did I get myself into?
A: You have purchased the best banjo kit available. I have personally
developed and tested this design for over ten years. My detailed
assembly instructions and step-by-step videos will make this project
easy and fun.

Q: I ordered my kit 2 days ago, where is it?
A: Please be patient and allow up to 14 days to receive your kit.
Every kit is handmade individually and this takes time.

I try to get every kit shipped out as soon as possible, but during busy times, especially during November and December, it can take longer.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: No. I only ship in the US. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO SHIP OUTSIDE US. I will not respond to your request.

Q: What are these kits made from?

A: Each kit is made from high-grade Baltic Birch plywood. If you look
closely at the pictures you will see the 13 plies that make up the

The less expensive tackhead kits are made from 5 ply maple plywood.

Q: Why are there dark spots or burn marks on some parts of the neck?
A: These spots occur during the cutting process. Each piece is carved
with a rotating cutting tool. This tool will leave marks due to
friction, generally in areas with a tight radius, like where the
headstock meets the back of the neck. These marks are only superficial
and are easily removed during your finishing process with a piece of
sandpaper or a hand-file.

Q: My banjo doesn’t play in tune; will you give me a refund?
A: No. It will play in tune if you position the bridge according to
the provided directions. I stand by the quality of my work. All kits
are made from a tested and proven pattern.

Q: There is a small void between laminations, how can I fix this?
A: This is a high quality plywood, but sometimes there may be very
small voids seen in the edge of some parts. I recommend filling this
void with wood-filler. The filler can then be sanded and finished to
match the surrounding wood. I normally catch any small voids and fill
them before shipping out, but you may notice a small imperfection from
time to time. This is the nature of the material.

Q: I did not follow directions or take my time assembling my kit and I
ruined it. Will you give me a free replacement?
A: No. If you have any issues with the quality of my craftsmanship
please talk to me before you start working on your kit. If you alter,
damage, glue, stain or change parts I cannot replace them for you
after the fact. Every part is handmade; I do not want to waste your
money or my time on a hasty mistake.

Q: Do you have any other instruments for sale?
A: I often have other instruments available that are not posted on this site. Feel free to contact me to see what I have.