The non-traditional gourd banjo series, part 1

I have noticed something about gourd banjos. Every gourd is oriented the same way. It kind of bothers me. Canteen gourd with the top hemisphere sliced off and a skin tacked over. It looks good, it sounds good, but where is the experimentation?
Every few months I am going to release a non-traditional style gourd banjo. One of a kind. Maybe a little off, but still a banjo.
This is the first. I didn’t stop at the gourd. I wanted the neck to be out there too. I gave it a super deep frailing scoop and a sharp angle for the peghead. It looks right in person, it’s a little hard to capture with pictures though.
This one will be for sale and can be found in the “handmade banjos” section of this site. I will remove it from that page whenever it sells.

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