Wooden Jig Dolls



These limberjacks are made from American Walnut. They are individually handmade. Note that you can still see the tooling marks on some surfaces of the wood.

Each jigdoll is tested for quality and maximum dance-ability. Your jigdoll may not be the exact doll pictured here, but it will be of the same materials and design.


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Product Description

The Jig Doll, also known as a Limberjack, is a percussive folk instrument. It’s a great way for everyone to participate in making music no matter how musically inclined. Keep a jig doll near your banjo and loan it out to anyone that wants to join the jam session!

Height is 8″

Handmade from American walnut hardwood.

Comes with a wooden stick and a wooden dancing board.

Use a small screw in the top and a piece of fishing line to tie the doll to your strumming hand. Your hand movement will energize the doll and it will dance along with your music.

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