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DIY Tackhead Banjo Kit


Travel back in time with this historical tackhead banjo: a popular instrument played in 19th century minstrel shows.

This kit includes everything you need to make your own historical banjo. Putting it together is fun and easy but playing this simple instrument is the real pleasure. It is lightweight and easy on the ears. Perfect for practicing at home, without bothering the neighbors.

Stain or paint it and make it your own, or just put it together and play it plain. The possibilities are endless with this neat instrument.

You need no woodworking experience or specialized tools. You’ll be free to enjoy the unique experience of building your own instrument without the worry of costly mistakes. The end result is a fully-playable banjo with a personal connection to you.

Each kit comes with illustrated easy-to-follow instructions.

“Fretless” sound clip:



Product Description

  • Maple hardwood plywood construction
  • 21″ scale length
  • 33″ total length
  • Authentic minstrel-style neck, angled to provide perfect string action and playability
  • Real goatskin head
  • 5/8″ maple and rosewood bridge
  • Leather tailpiece
  • Zero-fret nut for perfect intonation
  • Nylon strings
  • 5 violin friction tuning pegs
  • Brass tacks for the drum head
  • Frailing scoop
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Your choice of fretted or freless fingerboard