DIY Banjo Kit


A sturdy, no-frills DIY Banjo Kit.  Makes an instrument worthy of the rugged pioneers who first tamed America.

This kit tips a hat to the traditional mountain banjo style while taking advantage of modern hardware to create the best instrument possible.

You need no woodworking experience or specialized tools. You’ll be free to enjoy the unique experience of building your own instrument without the worry of costly mistakes. The end result is a fully-playable banjo with a personal connection to you.

Each kit comes with illustrated easy-to-follow instructions.



Product Description


Features & Dimensions: 

  • Baltic birch 13 ply neck, and body
  • Standard 26.25″ scale length
  • 38″ total length
  • Old-time style neck, angled to provide perfect string action and playability
  • 8″ adjustable tension white drum head
  • 5/8″ maple and rosewood bridge
  • Built-in tailpiece for simplicity and ease of use
  • Zero-fret nut for perfect intonation
  • Steel strings
  • 5 machine tuning pegs
  • Warm, bright sound thanks to the steel tone ring
  • Quality stainless steel hardware
  • Your choice of fretted or fretless fingerboard