DIY Banjo Kit


The new DIY banjo kit is finally here! It’s everything you need to build your own handmade banjo.

The easy to follow instructions will guide you as you become a banjo maker. No woodworking experience or tools are required. Fun for all ages. Within hours, you’ll be enjoying your new banjo.

Improved design means no need for messy glue or expensive tools. Put this’s impel kit together with just a screwdriver. All hardware is included and all holes are pre-drilled. This is a fully playable instrument with an adjustable head tensioning system.

Perfect for practice at home or in an apartment. Put it together anywhere and enjoy making your own music.

*The tambourine jingles are easily removed if you prefer a more traditional banjo sound.

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Product Description

  • handmade mahogany neck
  • 15 frets
  • frailing scoop
  • 21″ scale length- tune to open A
  • 10″ tambourine body
  • nylon strings
  • nickel plated tone ring
  • nickel plated tailpiece
  • geared machine tuning pegs
  • all hardware included
  • detailed assembly instructions

Click here to listen!